Capital Systems Limited

What Can We Do?

Working from our Bristol offices, Capital Systems (CSL) is able to remove from the client the need for accommodation, machine resource and control of personnel during the development cycle. The location also allows easy access via the motorway network and rail links to clients in most parts of the country.

Each of the traditional stages of development of a system, i.e. feasibility study, analysis, design and programming is available from CSL, and would be controlled by a CSL project manager who would liase with a client representative at regular intervals to report progress. Where required, CSL will also assist in the training of user personnel, data transfer/conversion from existing systems and the actual implementation of the system.

An additional service offered by CSL is the on-going support of the system. This is a flexible agreement designed to meet individual client requirements for technical support. The agreement provides for telephone support, general enhancements and fast response to operational problems. This is often most valuable where client personnel do not exist or are fully committed to other projects. A direct computer link via an internet link or telephone/modem connection to client sites can also be provided to assist with problem diagnosis.

Under normal circumstances it is also possible for this service to be extended to clients for systems not written by CSL, provided sufficient technical documentation exists.